Application of Lanyard in Life

- Nov 23, 2018-

In today's life, lanyard is a very practical textile, which can be used in numerous places, such as identity display and office, school, hospital or airport documents related to special things. In these places, the lanyard is finally used to show admission tickets and special passes, and later on. It is kept as a souvenir or a souvenir. lanyard, neck rope, fashionable lanyard or promotional public lanyard, regardless of their title, you will be surprised by its widespread use.

lanyard in life can be divided into certificate card lanyard, mobile phone lanyard, jade lanyard and other styles, but these lanyard in the choice also has a certain degree of attention.

1. Certificate card lanyard: Most of the color choices of Gongpai lanyard are red, blue and yellow. Blue white is the common staff, red is the leadership of the class, yellow is the manager level, and the length of Gongpai lanyard should be more appropriate in the position of the navel.

2. Mobile phone lanyard: When choosing mobile phone lanyard, the color can be selected according to the color of the mobile phone, and the lanyard pattern can also be purchased according to their own preferences. The rope used to hang mobile phones can also be used to hang cameras, MP4, U disk and other electronic products.

3. Jade pendant lanyard; In general, the color of jade pendant lanyard is mainly red, and the length of the lanyard is above the chest, not too long, and the thickness of the jade pendant lanyard also has a certain degree of attention, I think the rope is not too thick.