Buttons (clothing accessories, ornaments)

- May 08, 2017-

button, in Ancient Rome, the original button is used to make decorations, and clothing is decorated needle. 13th century, the role of buttons is the same as today. At that time, people have learned to open a hole in clothes, this approach greatly improved the practical value of buttons. 16th century, buttons were popularized. With the rise of the fast fashion, buttons from the previous functional type has become the current creative type.

A small spherical or flaky substance that is fitted into a New Young to buckle up.

Yuan Guan Hanqing "tune in the romantic" second fold: "Until a day dark, refused to replace the clothes Mei, the rabbit to untie the button." ”

Wei Wei "Oriental" the fourth part 16th: "(He) put the button buckle in the neck, Fangi also buckle good." ”