Different silicone wristbands styles

- Oct 21, 2017-

With the wristband is more and more popular, different kinds of wristbands are available in market now. Below are some styles of wristbands:

(1)  Debossed wristbands

The best sells wristbands in the market may be debossed bracelets and in this kind of bands, the words are engraved on the band like Live Strong wristbands and through some special techniques, words can engrave any logo, clipart or text of any length around the wristband. So the text or logo is same as the band color.

(2)  Debossed colorfilled wristbands

If you want to have a color logo or text, you can choose Debossed colorfilled wristband, because debossed colorfilled wristbands are same as debossed but they are filled in with a color of your choice.

    (3) Embossed wristbands

On the contrary, embossed wristbands are where the text/logo is lifted on the wristbands. Similarly, the color of logo or text on the embossed wristband should be same as the band color.

(4) Imprinted wristbands

If you are looking for economical solution, then screen printed wristbands can be chosen and in this band, the words and its color are printed by using a technique called screen printing technique and it is printed directly on the surface of silicone bracelets.

(5)  Imprinted embossed wristbands

The imprinted embossed wristbands are where the letters are lifted and the color of the letters is in a different color. So because of the imprinted techniques, you can choose imprinted embossed wristband if you want color text or logo on embossed wristband.

(6) The color coated bands

The color coated bands has different outside and inside band color. And the message can only be the same color as the inside band color.

(7)  Figured wristbands

If you especially want to highlight your logo on the bracelet, you can try this style. Figured band has a special shape. It can be a circle, rectangle, triangle or custom shape. The max height of the special shape is25mm.The width of the other part is 12mm. Please note that the price of figured bands is twice the price of 12mm bands.

(8)  Blank bands

Blank band has no any logo or message, just shown up the color you had chosen.

(9)  Keychain bands

If you want to hang something with a bracelet, you can choose this style, Keychains can be made by adding metal clip and split ring to silicone bands. Please note that only 12mm bands can be made into keychains, bands in width of 6mm, 19mm, 25mm cannot be made.

Besides silicone bands, we can also make silicon rings. Normally, the total length of the adult silicon ring is 76mm. And the total length of the youth silicone ring is 64mm.