Distinguishing material

- May 08, 2017-

Button materials are roughly classified into plastic (resins, plastics), Metal button categories (copper, iron, Alloy), natural class (shells, wood, coconut shells, bamboo). A variety of materials to make buttons, crafts are not the same. Some buttons look the same, even the industry people with the eyes can not be able to see clearly, so destroy, scraping the coat can be separated.

button to distinguish plastic buttons and resin buttons, plastic buttons and resin buttons, plastic (including all kinds of plastic) buttons are generally die-casting, so there will be a line on the edge of the button, the clamping line, some factories may have removed the line in subsequent processing, but the weight will be lighter than the resin (some special plastics will be heavier, of course). The resin button is mechanically carved and polished, so the surface has no full-mould line, very bright and clean. But it is fragile, the surface is easy to scratch, put in the boiling water will become soft.

How to distinguish between brass buttons and iron buttons? : Copper and Iron buttons, this use magnets to try to know, but also useful hard to scrape the surface plating layer, brass buckle surface of the color (gold). Iron Buckle is black, this is the raw material color.

How to determine the alloy button? : Alloy buckle More heavy, is die-casting and become, all the mold line, generally do grinding and polishing treatment, may not see, but its weight is very heavy, is solid.