Enhance safety, brand awareness and promote concert sales

- Dec 25, 2018-

Concerts are an interesting form of entertainment that can attract a large number of people. One way to manage people is to use wristbands. The advantages of concert wristbands are endless. Not only can you improve security and manage access control, but you can also increase brand awareness and sales.

Wristband is an excellent solution to prevent counterfeiting

Preventing counterfeiting is one way to enhance security. With today's technology, standard ticket stubs can easily be replicated by traders and sold off-the-counter. This will deprive the venue and potential profit promoters, and cause confusion and annoyance to the guests.

When guests arrive at the venue and show their tickets to the concert at the entrance, security will scan the bar code on the tickets to ensure authenticity. The scanned ticket will be replaced by a concert wristband and the ticket stub will be removed to prevent anyone from reusing the ticket.

The concert wristband is firmly fixed on the guest's wrist. If the guest needs to leave the venue for any reason, the concert wristband is the only way for the guest to re-enter the venue. Once the wristband is connected to the guest's wrist, it cannot be removed and reconnected. The concert wristband is non-transferable and can only be used once.

Want to add additional security layer? Customized!

Customize concert wristbands using special logos, images or information. Anyone can go to the party store to buy standard wristbands and think they can go beyond the system. However, a real concert wristband with the logo of the sponsor, sponsor or both can help site staff easily identify counterfeit products. You can also use bar codes, serial numbers or UV ink to customize wristbands to further enhance security.

In addition to security, you can customize concert wristbands through starters or sponsor logos to enhance your brand and build customer loyalty. Over the years, wearing custom wristbands has become more and more popular in the days or even months after the concert. For this reason, the wristband turns the guest's wrist into a mini-billboard, which is a very effective advertising tool and dialogue starter.

QR code is also an interesting and effective way to customize concert wristbands. When using mobile phone scans, the code can link guests to social media platforms that can quickly promote your concerts, venues or sponsors and help you keep in touch with your guests after the event.

Wristbands help promote sales

One way to promote sales is to speed up the route of franchise booths. If alcohol is supplied at the site, age can be verified by setting a safety check ID at the door. Guests of legal drinking age can get more than 21 wristbands. In this way, the employee does not need to take additional steps to check the ID of each alcoholic beverage order. Adding barcodes to your wristband allows them to buy at the point of sale, thereby improving efficiency and customer consumption. Guests can shop by scanning their wristbands quickly without paying by cash or card.

As economical as a wristband, working with corporate sponsors and printing their logo on the wristband can cover the full cost of the wristband and even generate extra revenue. What are the other benefits of customized wristbands? See our article for tips on customized wristbands for more information.