How to choose the color of the certificate lanyard

- Nov 30, 2018-

Hanging rope is a kind of general access control identification products in our modern work. With the emergence of various electronic products, various styles of hanging rope are flourishing with the development of electronic products. Hanging rope is not only accessories in our life, but also a reflection of the image of enterprises in our work. Document hanging rope is usually used. It has the logo of the manufacturer and the text of the design, etc.

As the certificate of collective activities, hanging rope must be strictly unified, which is conducive to our distinction and identification. Often some friends send the company LOGO text and other information, but do not know how to choose the color of the rope. In this paper, I combine years of experience in hanging rope production, give some tips, hoping to help you:

1. Have their own VI (image color and LOGO and other appearance standards): many companies have their own image standard color, such as ABC's dark green, Southern Power Grid's dark blue, China Unicom's red and so on, so that the bottom color of the rope will naturally use their own standard color. If it is required to make the hanging rope strictly according to its VI image color, it is suggested to use the heat transfer process to do it.

2, only the company's LOGO and name, not to deter mine the image color, if LOGO is color, it is recommended to choose a background color that does not collide with LOGO and text color (the same or close) to highlight LOGO, of course, also encountered some companies said that we like LOGO is not very obvious, what we want is the hidden effect! Ha ha, so you can't avoid using a background color similar to LOGO color.

3. For meetings: if it is a large conference, the number of people, such as the Boao Talk in Asia, can be divided into several major categories of color systems. For example, one color for the speakers, one color for the media, one color for the foreign guests, one color for the staff, one color for the others and so on.

4. Promotional purposes: Some units will advertise on the hanging rope when they carry out large-scale promotional activities. Now people and guests wear them or give them as small gifts. These ropes must be bright and eye-catching, such as "yellow, orange, fluorescent green, red, etc." It can be seen at a distance.

5. Generally speaking, according to the big data downstream on time, color blue is the most used in all our color ropes, accounting for about 50% of the total output of more than ten colors.