How to hang a lanyard on a mobile phone

- Oct 24, 2018-

Buy a mobile phone with a lanyard, install the phone shell, and put on the lanyard.

The lanyard of mobile phone is a kind of ornament hanging on the mobile phone. Sometimes it also has some practical functions such as convenient carrying and preventing loss.

The main materials used for lanyard are nylon ribbon, nylon ribbon, cotton ribbon, polyester ribbon, pp, bamboo fiber and so on. The color of nylon webbing is usually dyed and dyed first. Because the ribbons are easily twisted together during dyeing, uneven dyeing and discoloration will occur first. This will seriously affect the quality of the lanyard. So when you choose to do the lanyard, you choose the nylon webbing to dye and weave.

Easy to carry mobile phones and decorative phones, other functions include incoming flashlight, stylus and so on.