Glow in the dark bands

- Sep 11, 2017-

1, Open the package and wear the bands for over 5mins in light. The bands will glow after you turn off the light and when the room is in total darkness.

2, Wear bands in bright room and then walk into a dark room. You will find the band glow.
They will glow for about 15~20mins in darkness and will glow again after recharged.


In the following situations, the customer may complain the bands dont glow.

1. Open the package of bands in dark and and wear them in dark --- No glow

2. Wear the bands in a bright room and always stay in the bright room  --- You can NOT find it glow. 

3.Some customers complain that bands do not glow, the reason is that they thought they would glow as bright as glow sticks. In fact, the glow in the dark bands can not glow so brightly asglow sticks, even after absorbed light. The glow sticks can glow very brightly in dark and does not need to absorb light. 


Glow bands must be in lighter color,darker color will effect the glowing effect.All glow bands are lighter than pantone color chart. When the customer order RED glow in dark band, it will look like light red, or even pink.


Message on debossed and embossed glow in the dark bands will not so legible compare with solid darker colors. Some customers might complain about this issue. So colorfilled style is the best choice for glow in the dark bands.

debossed compare.png

All of our glow bands will glow green light in dark.No matter you choose any one of the stock 8 colors (blue, green, pink, purple, white, yellow, orange, red) as the band color, it will all glowgreen light in dark.