How to use customized lanyard to protect children's safety in activities

- Nov 13, 2018-

As family-friendly festivals become more popular than ever - from just So Festival in Cheshire to Underage Festival in London, children are increasingly fond of festival worms.

But as these children's festivals become bigger and more popular, parents are more and more likely to be separated from their children at some time. Although these festivals have indeed lost children's areas and announcements, there is a much easier way.

Customized lanyard for children

Children's ID cards and customized lanyard can provide great security precautions - by providing children with holiday customized lanyard, you can easily centralize all the necessary personal information in one place.

The information you can include is:

  • Parents name and phone number.

  • Any information about allergies or special needs.

  • Children like to do anything, so when they are waiting for their parents, they can easily accept it.

By including all this information on identity cards and customized lanyard, children can get the best care and attention quickly if they are separated from their parents or have an accident.

Anyone who displays this information on a lanyard can easily display it and does not depend on the child to remember to show it himself.

How do you do it?

Choose the lanyard you want to customize first - we personally recommend our braided lanyard for outside activities, because they are our strongest and most powerful, suitable for younger children, may pull them!

Then, we only need to design the information table you want to contain to fit our lanyard ID badge holder. Make sure that the information field is left blank so that parents can easily fill in information on the way to the music festival.

Letting parents fill it out means that you don't have to worry about the laws and regulations of the Data Protection Act that stores children's information.

Although it sounds like a lot of work, once you have designed the customized lanyard and ID card, why not take advantage of our assembly service? Just provide instructions on how your customized lanyard will arrive, and we will do the rest to make sure they are ready to use.

Another advantage of customizing the lanyard for your child's activities is that the child will have an exciting souvenir for the day and the parents will have a reusable ID card, which means that people you never even thought of will be positioned to see your brand lanyard and understand your activities.

So if you're ready to take your campaign brand and child safety seriously, why not look at our customized braided lanyard?