Inspection requirements and standards

- May 08, 2017-

1, the Control sample or confirmation sample. See whether the color, model matches with the sample;

2, the button surface should not have cracks, gaps, uneven and obvious scratches;

3, no Shangyang'death, bubble, no rotten edges, uneven phenomena;

4, the pattern should be no apparent distortion, no supercilious, white circle and so on;

5, the eyelet should be smooth and smooth; the needle is worn and cracked, symmetrical and without big eyes. If it is dark eye buckle, the dark eye groove should be smooth, no apparent burst.

6, electroplating or other process, the effect of uniformity, if some special effects cannot be consistent, can be packaged separately.

7, the same batch of button chromatic aberration should not be lower than the GB250 level four standard, compared with the sample, should not be lower than the GB250 level three standard.

8, packaging inspection, in the appearance of inspection/customer requirements of the performance test after all qualified, and then again. Should be placed in the packaging or other labels. The quantity of packing shall conform to the stipulation, and the actual quantity of each bag shall conform to the prescribed quantity, and shall be inspected in full if the thickness varies or other reason exceeds the tolerance.

9, Quick button/Che Pengniu/Five claw button to test the performance and availability of button before shipment, and provide model and test sample to customer.