lanyards fixed to the player's hand

- Sep 27, 2018-

Lanyards are widely used in small electronic devices such as compact digital cameras, MP3 players and USB flash drives to facilitate carrying and prevent loss

Electronic devices applied to polyester lanyards usually have a through hole designed at the edge or four corners of the product, or directly attach the lanyard to the frame of the device; there is generally an adjustable buckle in the middle of the lanyard to adjust the tightness of the polyester lanyard . For example, the Wii controller, its lanyard is this design, as well as the Nintendo Switch Joycon, which is very convenient for users. When the player's wrist is strenuously moving, the polyester lanyard will be effectively fixed on the hand to prevent slipping.

The lanyard hangs the MP3 player on your chest, not only liberating your hands and pockets. It is also an ornament that embellishes your dress for your convenience and use. There are also many options for lanyard styles to match your electronic equipment. For example, the following

Polyester Lanyards.jpgPolyester Lanyards.jpg