Mobile Advertising - working card lanyard

- Nov 12, 2018-

In our daily life, a small work card attachment may seem insignificant, but it is an important way for companies or factories to promote brands. The use of the work card lanyard belt to promote the cost of the end, the advertising liquidity is large, virtually saving the promotion resources. Many companies will send it as a gift to customers, or let their staff wear specially designed advertising tapes, in the flow of people to let more people know the brand in order to achieve publicity effect. Compared with other traditional advertising methods, it is more ingenious.

Is it heartening to think of people wearing work cards as mobile billboards, and the cost is so insignificant compared to the large traditional advertising fees? There are many ways to dispatch the tape. You can choose the aimless dispatch in the crowded area. You can also choose the targeted dispatch in the exhibition. You can pack it into your products to let your customers promote each other. A good dispatch plan will also make you get more publicity.

How to make your work card with products more promotional effect? First of all, yourlanyard design should pay attention to LOGO prominent, let others recognize the brand you want to promote. Second, you should let your working card lanyard more practical, so that you can pull more free mobile billboards. Of course, you can also design a very aesthetic tape, so that more people lanyard  as decorations. Promotional tape is not the more expensive the more promotional effect.

The design of the working card lanyard belt must pay attention to simplicity and practicality, and its quality must be excellent. A well-made tape allows it to use longer, high-grade, and naturally get better results. Imagine if your elaborate tape plan, because of poor quality, to the user's hands in less than 10 days and a half months, then the publicity effect will be greatly reduced.

Guangzhou Shangzhi specializes in customizing silk screen printing, thermal transfer / thermal sublimation, jacquard and other process work card tape, free choice of accessories, arbitrary collocation, arbitrary choice of different color style collocation, custom-made free style belonging to their own enterprises. Make this mobile billboard more attractive, and you deserve it.