Multifunctional Lanyard - Everywhere Occupation

- Dec 29, 2018-

Lanyard is a device that has existed for hundreds of years. This multi-purpose rope can be used to carry all kinds of things that many people know. However, people do not always realize that ropes can be worn in many ways.

The traditional and still most common way to hang a rope is around the neck. These basic lines form a complete circle. They are placed on a person's head.

The two-end hanging rope is an open rope. This kind of rope will not form a circle. In order for this particular rope to remain in place, it must be "attached" to something. For example, these tethers are often used to carry various glasses. Complete the circle by connecting each arm of the glasses to different ends of the rope.

Another way to complete the circle is to connect one end of the rope to the other. This is done by using various buttons. For example, a person may have an opening ring, and they place the key at one end of the rope. At the other end, they will have a lobster claw. They connect lobster claws to a split ring to form a circle. Or, the person may have an alligator clamp at one end. The clamp is then fixed to a rope about an inch above the opening ring buckle.

Hanging ropes can also be worn on people's wrists. This type of tie is usually made of spring cables. Such wires are usually used for land-based telephones. These ropes are very elastic and elastic. This type of wire is very suitable for this application because users can easily slide it over their hands.

Hanging ropes are also attached to various clothes. Individuals who do not want their wallets stolen often use hanging ropes in this way. They slid the rope over the belt ring and connected the wire to the wallet. Then you can put your wallet in your pocket. By doing so, the wearer almost eliminates the opportunity for anyone to steal a wallet without their knowledge.

People in the army often use this procedure to fix their side arms. They wrap the rope around the sheath or sheath and then attach the tie directly to the weapon. This prevents weapons from falling or falling during any type of quarrel. Construction workers use the same type of system, except that they attach ropes to their safety hats and safety belts. This ensures that the hat won't fall off.

Shoulder straps are usually more decorative than functional ones. Many groups and organizations use ropes to symbolize achievements. The color of the rope itself usually represents the level of wear. For example, a group may use a yellow shoulder strap to indicate the first stage and a blue rope to indicate the second stage.

These are just a few common ways to wear slings today. There are many others.