Operating methods

- May 08, 2017-

1, silica gel and curing agent evenly mixing. Mould Silica gel appearance is flowing liquid, a group is silica gel, B group is curing agent. Example: Take 100 grams of silica gel, add 2 grams of curing agent (note: Silica gel and curing agent must stir evenly, if not mixing evenly, the mold will appear a piece of cured, a piece of no cure, silica gel will appear drying and curing uneven condition will affect the life of silicone mold and the number of turn-die, even cause die scrap status.

2, suction vacuum exhaust bubble treatment: Silica gel and curing agent mixing evenly, the suction vacuum exhaust bubble link, vacuum time unfavorable too long, normally, do not exceed 10 minutes, vacuum time too long, silica gel immediately cured, produced cross-linking reaction, so that silica gel into a piece of, can not be brushing or perfusion, so waste silica gel, can only be poured into the dustbin, silica gel to do.

3, brushing or operation process: the time to exhaust the bubble of silica gel, brushing or perfusion. Pour on the product (note: The product or model to be copied before the silicone is poured must be a release agent or an isolating agent). Then the silicone brushing on the product, brushing must be evenly, 30 minutes after pasting a layer of gauze fiber cloth to increase the strength and pulling of silica gel. Then brushing a layer of silica gel, and then paste a layer of gauze fiber weft cloth, so after two times can. Only in this way, the opening of the Silicone mold service life and the number of times to improve the relative to a lot of modulus, can save costs, improve efficiency.