- May 08, 2017-

In the history of China's apparel, the emergence of buttons early. In the Tang Dynasty, New Young buckle on the round-neck robe widely used, generally use three pairs, is later clothing use of the origin of deduction. After the Tang Dynasty, the shape of the buttons more, the Ming Dynasty women mainly used metal buttons, after the Qing Dynasty buttons become the most important tie in clothing.

Button Why men at the right, lady at the left?

Because modern costumes are based on Western costumes. Westerners generally wear shirts and suits, buttons on the right to match the posture of people buckle buttons.

And several long ago, in the West, the ladies are generally not their own button, usually by the girl dressed Maid buckle button, in order to let the maid buckle button when convenient, so ladies dress buttons and men are the opposite.

Meaning of the 2nd button

This is a legend from Japan, the second button is to give couples the best gift, the second button, in the heart, is to give the hearts of the people. That is to give the most favorite person. Because the 2nd button is biased in the heart position, so the 2nd button is relatively speaking of the heart!