Production method of Silicone bracelet

- May 08, 2017-

Production method of Silicone bracelet

1, with a plastic bowl of 500g adhesive, at room temperature reinforcement of 1.5%, fully mixing evenly standby.

2, the mold billet with demoulding agent for lubrication.

3, good lubrication for four weeks of the billet surrounded by wooden bars, wood also apply demoulding agent treatment, the intermediate gap with 2-4cm advisable.

4, will be matched with the glue along a fixed point of perfusion slowly pouring, and occasionally shocks to exclude the air inside.

5, 60 minutes after curing complete four weeks after the wooden strip, leaving 4cm gaps, demolition logs.

6, the gypsum powder 1000g after the water injected into the wooden box, fill up (wooden box application plastic film divided into two parts to facilitate the demolition of mold).

7, 20 minutes after the demolition of the wooden strip, the mold is done.


1, in order to prevent the mold silica gel material changes, it is recommended not to add silicone oil.

2, curing agent should depend on the temperature, the temperature is higher. The curing agent is excessive, the mould will be hardened and brittle; The curing agent has too little use and the operation time will be prolonged.

3, hard mold can also be made of resin.

4, for your mold to achieve the best use of the effect, please put the mold at least 24 hours after use.