Production of exterior mould

- May 08, 2017-

The production of exterior mould: The method and material used in general is to make the mould around. With glue board or plank surrounded up, a gypsum will mold cabinet fill can be filled, another kind of use resin brushing way, brushing a layer of resin paste a glass fiber cloth, and then brushing and pasting, repeatedly two or three layers can complete die mold.

The operation method of potting or perfusion mould: potting or perfusion mould, is used for relatively smooth or simple products, no mold line province, is the product or model you want to copy, with glue or glass panels, the vacuum of the silica gel directly into the product, after the silicone drying molding, remove the product, mold molding (note: Perfusion mold generally adopts the hardness of soft silica gel to make the mold, so that demoulding is easier, will not damage the silicone mold products).

Slicing mould or Slice mode operation method: The vacuum silica gel to brush or perfusion method for construction. If you are making a slice die or slice mold has the use of brushing way, before brushing the product or model you want to copy a layer of stripping agent, or the isolation agent, then brushing the silicone in the product above (note: Must brush evenly, wait 30 minutes after the surface paste a layer of gauze or glass fiber weft cloth to increase the strength, then brushing the second layer of silica gel, such as drying, and then do the external mold, mold can use gypsum or resin materials.