Rainbow lanyards are a symbol for diversity

- Oct 10, 2018-

   Most people realize what Rainbow lanyards is. Usually made of interwoven fabrics, and a few metal buckles, there are a large number of other styles in today's market.With various designs and designs, these lanyard have become one of the most popular works in the business field.

   Many people use this special series of products so as not to misplace keys and other things in the workplace. These are more practical.

   What is lanyard?

   The term "lanyard" is derived from the French word "laniere" to indicate a strap or T-shirt.

The history of lanyards can be traced back to the 17th century. The term lanyards can be used to fix anything to a ship.

   Seafarers can use lanyard to carry valuables that they need. Around the end of the nineteenth century, hanging lanyards were usually represented as a kind of lanyard that could fix a dagger or sword in battle.

   Today, Rainbow lanyards symbolizes moral support for diversity.

Educational institutions have introduced people and students to real rainbow lanyards to show their support for diversity. Rainbow lanyards provide distinguishable symbolic symbols for all future holders, students, graduates and even guests that educational institutions consider unique.

These are commonly used as IDENTIFICATION badges for academic institutions and service companies.

   Because of the diversity of functions, lanyard has now become the symbolic representative of this society. Therefore, a simple simple string will eventually become an important aspect of our way of life. Equality is about "developing a more equitable culture where everyone can participate and have the opportunity to realize their potential". By getting rid of prejudice, yes, prejudice will create a healthier and happier world.