School lanyard and safety

- Dec 27, 2018-

Safety and school, these two words should be hand in hand. People send their children to school in the hope that they can recover their health and happiness. To ensure this happens, many factories choose to use lanyard.

How to use school lanyard?

Schools are using them to show student cards. In the past, children were given an ID card, which they may or may not have at school. However, due to the recent tragic events, many places now require these cards to be worn. In some institutions, this is mandatory. Students who do not display cards may be asked to leave.

In order to ensure that children can meet this requirement and in a unified manner, slings are being distributed to all students and facilities in some cases. This method is very effective, including regardless of age or size, anyone can wear them. In addition, the lanyard can be worn with anything. This means that children can wear them during winter breaks or in physical education classes.

The system runs well and improves the safety level of the school. But it can be improved. In order to make this strategy better, schools can provide separation lines.

Children play hard. They like running, climbing and wrestling. If they have a lanyard around their neck, it can be dangerous. However, this danger can be eliminated by adding separation options. This special buckle is specially designed for spring opening. This opening occurs the second time the lanyard is pulled or pulled, whether intentionally or accidentally. To open it, the wearer does not have to do anything. This makes it very suitable for children, because if it is caught, they will not be injured. They don't have to consider the lanyard or try to remove it, as long as they are hooked or pulled by other children, it will pop up.

Most wires have separate safety functions. It can be used in combination with flat or tubular varieties. In addition, it can be used in conjunction with any type of printing. In addition, when the school orders this particular option, it will increase the overall price very little.

In most cases, the average cost of wires is about $1 per unit. This price usually includes power cord and any printing. It can also include many different types of buttons. Although this basic price usually does not include safety separation, the cost is per penny. If it can prevent serious injury, this is a small payment. To make this more attractive, manufacturers usually exempt themselves from transportation and processing costs.

Separation function is very suitable for all children, especially young children. For schools that want to ensure that students are protected, cheap lanyards are the best choice.