Selection of lanyard for Employees in Manufacturing Plant

- Dec 14, 2018-

Separate tethers can be the best safety measure when you need to make facility tethers. When any kind of force is applied to the separate lanyard, it will only release, thus preventing harm to factory workers.

lanyard provide a simple and effective way to store keys and identify them. When their use in factories is meaningful but you want the safest option to prevent accidents and minimize hazards, consider using separate slings to ensure safety.

Why use safety separate lanyard?

Although some other types of lanyards may be suitable for certain occupations, the safety separation lanyard is the standard of safety problems.

The safety detachable tether has a buckle designed for the back of the neck, which breaks automatically when applied pressure. These tethers are specially disconnected to eliminate the risk of accidents caused by the tethers.

Although different manufacturing facilities will have their own regulations, many regulations use separate lanyard to prevent workers from being pulled into or clipped into machines, leading to falls or other dangers.

Accessory Options for Separate lanyard

In terms of accessory options, the separate lanyard is almost as versatile as any other lanyard. These safety tethers can be used for almost any type of accessories, including key rings, J-hooks, lobster claws or Bulldog clips.

Your manufacturer can also allow the tie to be used in conjunction with the buckle. This type of tie has a buckle, which is located directly above the buckle. The wearer can easily release it by pinching the buckle.

Customization Function of Safety lanyard

Safety separate lanyard can be customized in a variety of ways. In addition to choosing the ideal accessories, you can also choose your materials - including knitting, pipe, polyester and dye sublimation.

You can also choose Custom colors, or even print tethers using company colors or logos to be specific to your manufacturing plant. Our company provides you with personalized logos, fonts and dyes of your choice to create a fully customized safety separation lanyard.

Our four basic attachments are also free. If these options are not what you want, you can customize your safety detachment lanyard at any time using our additional attachment options.

Ensure safety

If the lanyard option you need is designed to keep employees as safe as possible, then the safety separate lanyard is the standard configuration. Your employees can enjoy the convenience and functionality of using lanyard in the workplace, while abiding by safety regulations and providing separation options.

Since these tethers can be customized like traditional tethers, there is no reason not to invest in safety for your manufacturing plant. It's great to design your custom detached lanyard with us today.