Silicone Wristbands In Basketball

- Oct 02, 2018-

Many people like to go to the basketball court to play sports and exercise to relieve stress.Careful observers may find that many basketball boys wear sports silicone  wristbands of various colors on their wrists. Are these sports silicone  wristbands helpful to basketball? Why do some people like wearing sports silicone  wristbands? Today we will learn about it together.


The habit of playing basketball and wearing sports silicone wristbands originated from street basketball in the United States. Especially in black neighborhoods in the United States, many black children are keen on basketball, but because of economic reasons, these children can not afford a uniform uniform, so they came up with a way to distinguish teams by the color of the sports silicone wristbands on their hands. Over time, such dress became a kind of street basketball culture. Up to now, basketball silicone wristbands has become an indispensable part of basketball culture, widely sought after by young people. Boys who like to wear sports silicone wristbands are mainly for the following reasons.

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First of all, sports silicone wristbands, as an ornament, plays the most important role in decorating. Especially when some NBA stars wear wristbands to play, their fans in order to support their idols, will follow suit to buy the same sports wristbands wearing.

Secondly, the sports silicone wristbands can also play a role in protecting wrist. The boys who play basketball well will dunk. In the process of dunking, their wrists will inevitably touch the basket frame, and they will bump or scrape their skin carelessly. If a boy plays with a sports silicone wristband on his hand, he can protect his wrist.

Finally, the sports silicone wristbands can also prevent sweat. Because basketball is a kind of strenuous exercise, a ball down, players will sweat. If sweat flows to the palm of your hand, it will easily affect dribbling. If the wristbands is tight, it can stop the sweat flow to the palm of the hand and play the role of skid resistance.

Friends who like playing basketball do you usually play basketball with the habit of wearing a sports silicone wristbands?