Simple knowledge of all aspects of Breastplate

- Nov 28, 2018-

The name of the breastplate is various. It is also called the breastplate, the number plate, the carving plate, the work number plate, the badge, the badge, the badge, the breastcard and so on.

Brand is also called Number Card. It is mainly used by managers to understand and manage employees. For a large enterprise, it is necessary for every employee to wear a badge. It takes a long time to remember which department and what the person is doing just by thinking. Running-in time, and each employee wears a badge, managers can know each employee through the badge, but also conducive to communication.

Most of the breastplates are about 70*20MM in size. They can put the name of the enterprise, the LOGO of the enterprise, the name, the number, the position, the Department and the size of the breastplate are relatively small, so the contents above can be abbreviated as far as possible.

Most of them are suitable for all kinds of enterprises, companies, central institutions, public service business halls and service windows in all walks of life, without limitations in the field.

Normal breastplate size: rectangle: 70*20MM ellipse: 30*40MM circle: 40*40MM

There are many shapes of the breastplate. The common shapes are: rectangular, circular, oval and square. The shape of the breastplate can also be customized according to the customer's requirements.

The breastplate is small, but it has all five internal organs. Material, specifications, shapes and printing can be varied. Now our new design department specializes in designing a brand that is suitable for your company's culture and image.