Sizes of Silicon bands

- Aug 07, 2017-

We have the following sizes:

Extra Large 8.5" -- 216mm

Large 8.25" -- 210mm
Adult:8" -- 202mm - Used mostly for adults.
Mid: 7.5" --- 192mm - Used mostly for women and young adults.
Youth: 7" --- 180mm - Used mostly for ladys or teenagers.
Toddler: 6" --- 152mm - Used mostly for young children.
That is the circumference of silicone wristbands. The width of silicone wristbands is 0.25"(6mm), 0.5" (12mm), 3’4’’(19mm) and 1" (25mm) depending on the style of wristband you choose. The thickness is about 2mm.

Picture of 6mm band:


Picture of 12mm band:


Picture of 19mm band:


Picture of 25mm band: