Styles of silicone bands

- Aug 07, 2017-

1. Debossed wristband is a band where the text/logo is engraved into the band.


2. Debossed colorfilled wristbands are same as debossed but the colorfilled wristbands are filled in with a color of your choice.


3. Embossed wristbands are where the text/logo is lifted on the wristbands.


4. Imprinted wristbands are screen printed on the surface of the bands.


5.  The imprinted embossed wristbands are where the letters are lifted and the color of the letters is in a different color.


6. The color coated bands has different outside and inside band color. And the message can only be the same color as the inside band color.


7. Figured band has a special shape. It can be a circle, rectangle, triangle or custom shape. The max height of the special shape is 25mm. The width of the other part is 12mm. Please note that the price of figured bands is twice 

the price of 12mm bands. 


8. Blank band has no message on it.


9´╝ÄKeychains can be made by adding metal clip and split ring to silicone bands. Please note that only 12mm bands can be made into chains, bands in width of 6mm, 19mm, 25mm can not. 


10.Besides silicone bands, we can also make silicon rings. Normally, the total length of the adult silicon ring is 76mm. 

And the total length of the youth silicone ring is 64mm.