talking about reflective lanyard

- Nov 13, 2018-

Reflective lanyard are also called noctilucent lanyard. Some are called bright lanyard. In short, reflective lanyard have exceptionally bright light, can be eye-catching, suitable for wearing certificates, exhibitions, outdoor activities, advertising and safety warning functions, and are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Suitable for people of all ages, especially adolescents. Love!

Reflective tape reflects light because it is made with reflective materials. Usually the reflective materials include: reflective film, reflective ink, reflective marking paint, reflective cloth, reflective leather, reflective belt, reflective safety silk fabrics and so on. Reflective materials can reflect light mainly because most of them contain a kind of glass beads with high refractive index. It is because of its existence that the incident light is reflected back to the source at the original path, forming a regression reflection phenomenon. Because it reflects light back almost entirely at a very small angle, it is much brighter than ordinary objects.

Reflective materials are mainly used for making various reflective signs, vehicle signs, safety facilities and so on. They play an obvious warning role in the daytime with their bright colors. At night or in the case of insufficient light, their bright reflective effect can effectively enhance people's recognition ability. The reflective brightness level of the reflective tape can be divided into different grades. For: three kinds of bright, bright and bright, what kinds of production processes do they have?

There are mainly several kinds of reflective lanyard technology.

1. The ribbon can be pasted with reflective strip on one side or both sides. Generally, the width of reflective strip does not exceed the width of the ribbon itself. For example, 0.8cm/1.0cm/1.5cm/1.6cm/1.8cm reflective strip can be pasted on the middle of the 2cm ribbon, or 0.2cm reflective strip on both sides of the ribbon, according to customer requirements.

2. the reflective stripe in the webbing refers to the weaving of reflective strips and yarns on the machine when weaving.

3. the ribbon itself is luminous. It is made of polyester luminous silk ribbon, which is less done.

4. Logo printing luminescence, refers to the printing ink in the addition of noctilucent powder, after printing logo luminous effect, this cost is too high, but also less done.

Generally speaking, the reflective lanyard is mainly used in the first and second technology, the latter two are rarely used