The decline of wristbands

- Dec 10, 2018-

Some people believe that custom silicone wristbands have been out of fashion in the past few years. In a sense, their ubiquity is accelerating their decline.

Once restricted, wristbands will become popular after the success of the famous yellow wristband. Soon, almost every conceivable medical condition had its own specific wristband color. Soon afterwards, the colours began to overlap, and almost every colour - except the Yellow original - was used to represent more than one reason.

At that time, it was almost necessary to ask the wearer to determine any given wristband. Because many (most?) No one interrupts, so it weakens the power of the message sent by the wristband.

Silly Bandz doesn't help either. This compact animal Bracelet does not convey the same serious message as a silicone wristband. But they are more attractive to children and therefore more likely to be snapped up, collected and traded. Many young people who may be wearing wristbands switch to Silly Bandz.

Therefore, like other fashions before, wristbands are no longer popular with fashion. But before announcing that the silicone wristband is out of date...