The meaning of wristband color

- Oct 25, 2018-

The eight color Sports Wristband represents eight healthy attitudes.

The interpretation of wristbands by various charities and organizations gives special meaning to the various colors of wristbands. You can express your attitude to life with a particular colored wristband. You can also use different colors to motivate your health and youthfulness. You can also match different clothes to be the coolest person on the street.

Yao Ming wrote his life sentiments on different colors of wristbands. In his inspirational dictionary, the eight colors have their own brilliant connotations:

Blue stands for "lofty ambition" - the pursuit of equality, tolerance and lofty ideals, to make their lives more meaningful;

Green expression "do not make excuses" - eliminate differences, break barriers, and everyone is duty bound.

Pink means "heaven and earth" - imagination is always the driving force for the world.

Orange tells you to "go for it alone" - challenge yourself more than challenge others.

Red advocates "Lingyun lofty aspirations" - people jump higher, but also higher than the heart of Lingyun lofty aspirations;

Yellow says, "dreams are not too big".

Purple puts forward "dangerous, organic" - seize every opportunity, turn danger into a bargain, the goal will be far from us;

Light green is the "brave without fear" - full of confidence, without fear, this power, hidden in your heart. Eight colors, writing eight different positive attitudes, encouraging everyone to "do not underestimate themselves" and discover their unlimited potential.