The rise of wristbands

- Dec 07, 2018-

Rubber wristbands have existed for decades, at least as far back as punk rock bands in the 1970s. But after the introduction of the famous yellow wristband in 2004, they really took off in the early 21st century. You know, the simple convex custom wristband has only one word.

The tiny yellow rubber bracelet quickly became a sensation, creating millions of dollars for cancer research and patient support. Other organizations, seeing the tremendous success of Livestrong bracelets, launched their own versions in other colors.

Silicone wristband has become an essential fashion accessory for disease research, anti-poverty programs and other social undertakings. Wearing two or more pieces can even be an interesting way to show support for a variety of reasons, and it's also a fashion avant-garde.

Customized wristbands provide an opportunity for those who see them to ask the wearer what they stand for. This gives wearers the opportunity to explain in depth why they care.

Unlike some short-lived fashions, wristbands have been popular for years. In the early years, no one claimed that silicone wristbands were out of date.