The Role of Safety Buckle on Lanyard

- Nov 26, 2018-

The lanyard on the neck and the buckle (safety buckle) on it must have been seen by everyone. But do you know what's the use of that? Many people will always think that it's used to untie the cell phone rope. But in fact, it's a safety mechanism designed to prevent accidents.

When the load exceeds 10 kg, the snap will loosen. In modern life is also used a lot, now the most is to use this kind of mobile phone rope with safety buckle to wear mobile phones, encounter a sudden robbery of mobile phones, the safety buckle on the lanyard will quickly loosen, then some people will be confused: it is not easy to be robbed, it is called "safety buckle", directly called "easy to pull buckle". It's not bad. Indeed, we mean that although we may lose our mobile phone, it is very good to protect our whole body, so as not to be damaged by the strong inertia of pulling and snatching when our whole body is robbed, or even more serious consequences.

The other is to wear a badge identification card in the workshop or machine in order to prevent something from being tied to the lanyard and strangled to the neck, bringing the whole body into danger, leading to major casualties.