The trend of ID card lanyard

- Oct 08, 2018-

    It's not surprising that students often damage their ID cards, so it's a good idea to use convenient, inexpensive ID accessories to protect them. From simple wear and tear over time to extreme use of cards as ice scrapers, it is almost guaranteed that students will cause some damage to their credentials.

    However, there are ways to save campus cards by using any kind of accessories. Mark Degan, marketing director at ColorID, stressed the importance of these credential add-ons and how they help protect the life of IDs.

    ColorID sells a wide variety of card accessories to universities and other vertical industries, and according to Degan, there is a clear trend. He says the five most popular accessories include two unique hanging lanyard, a card holder and a clamp. These five lists account for only 40% of all the accessories sold by the company.

    Students tend to like card holders and lanyards, but more importantly, accessories can extend the life of student ID cards.

    Hanging lanyards are also popular with students because they can hold all kinds of things at the same time, such as keys, ID cards and keys. Degan explains that students tend to like lanyard lads rather than badges and other accessories. "They're more likely to use ropes because they're usually visually customized to their liking," he said.

    Although the lanyard should be worn around the neck, students can usually place it within reach, such as wrapping it around their wrists or putting it in their pockets. According to the colors and logo of the school, the lanyard is still one of the most popular card accessories for students.