Use lanyard to provide safety service

- Nov 09, 2018-

In the past few months, we've talked extensively about how hanging improves company security, but we haven't talked yet about how hanging helps security companies protect their customers.

While for most companies, you can usually improve security by having employees wear name tags, for security companies, this is a bit different - especially if you use specialized facilities management software.

Lanyard and professional software

Today, most security companies use specialized software that occasionally requires specially designed hardware - such as rugged mobile phones, tablets, and key cards. However, in recent years, more and more people try to lose or destroy their hardware.

So what can you do? By taking advantage of our excellent customized line of products, you will be able to ensure that your employees can easily and safely carry hardware. Helps reduce the number of hardware lost and damaged in the company.

Identity card and security card

In addition to technical hardware, you can easily attach many other items to your customized hanging rope, such as ID badges and access cards, and water bottles even include Scrolls for the retractable hanging rope so that your employees can easily swipe important access cards.

While this is practical for your employees and helps them avoid losing what they need to do, it also helps your company be proactive in serving customers. By wearing a custom rope with a logo, it can help your security staff stand out and make it easy for your customers to see them on the spot and work.

Take the initiative to serve your customers.

However, it's not just your customers that you might use brand hangings to influence them - they can even help attract new businesses.

Imagine you've just hired a security company for your warehouse, and although they seem to be doing very well, because of their low-key uniforms, you're never sure if they're there, and then you go to another safe warehouse. Walking up and down on a very clear lanyard.

Who do you prefer to hire? Are you sure that the safety is at the scene, or is there very obvious safety at the scene?

And think about it, if your customers always know you're on the spot and do a good job, they're more likely to recommend your services and company to your extended network.