Wearing Comfort of lanyard

- Dec 03, 2018-

Lanyards wholesale is not only the wholesale sale of lanyard in piles, but I really don't understand that a broken rope is good for wholesale, but it does exist.

I have nothing to say about business like this, but don't underestimate this little rope. In fact, the little guy has great use. The President of the State is in good use.

All kinds of leaders in the world; and the following are followed by many, elementary school students, middle school students, high school students, College students, teachers and so on, countless, do you know? If not

I have nothing to say if I know. So one of the common ones I wonder if you don't have any sense if you haven't seen it before? That's the case. Said that.

So much, we should all know that wholesale lanyard is very normal, because everyone knows that the purchase of lanyard is generally collective, if all one.

Usually wholesale, uniform and convenient style, and if you buy each of the styles, it will give people a feeling of colorful school style.

Without it, the enterprise style of an enterprise will disappear. All of them still look neat and tidy. It's the same thing there, as long as it's one.

If you are a collective, then you should do what a collective should do.

Guangzhou Hanlin Cultural Supplies Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. Its main products are lanyrd, mobile phone rope, mobile phone suspension belt, factory brand suspension belt, card suspension belt and work suspension.

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Production of ribbons, tapes, suspenders, work cards, card sets, portrait cards, easy-to-pull buttons and so on. It is not only the uniformity of wearing, but also the comfort of wearing. We are in

The advantage of pure cotton tape mentioned in the previous article is that many customers are interested in this tape, but because pure cotton uses a lot of materials.

The cost of waiting is relatively high, and the natural final cost is higher than that of the ordinary belt. Some customers also feel unacceptable. In fact, if modernization is taken into account in practice.

With the development of fibre technology, the chemical fibre tape we are using now is enough to meet the needs of ordinary users. Now let me talk about the reality of chemical fibre rope

Usage characteristics. The surface of chemical fibre fabric is much smoother than that of pure cotton fabric. People think that chemical fibre material is rough. In fact, it is used on the top of the brand tape.

It is a high quality chemical fiber, even its surface is smoother than pure cotton cloth. Pure cotton fabrics have thick fibers, so although they feel good, they are not very bright.

Slippery. Chemical fibre fabrics have better hardness. Any research shows that chemical fibre fabrics have better hardness and ductility than pure cotton fabrics. There is no doubt that this is lanyard.

Attributes required by lanyard