What are Lanyards

- Jan 22, 2018-

A lanyard is a cord or strap worn around the neckshoulder or wrist to carry such items as keys or identification cards.

In the military, lanyards of various colors combinations and braid patterns are worn on the shoulders of uniforms to denote the wearer's qualification or regimental affiliation. In horse regiments, lanyards were worn on the left, enabling a rider to pull a whistle from the left tunic pocket and maintain communication with his troop. Members of the British Royal Artillery wear a lanyard which originally held a key for adjusting the fuzes of explosive shells.

Styles & Materials of Lanyards

The style, design or material used will vary depending on end-purpose of the lanyard. Lanyard materials include polyester, nylon, satin, silk, polyethylene terephthalate(PET), braided leather.

Common Styles:

Imprinted Polyester Lanyards:


Imprinted Nylon Lanyards:


Imprinted Tube Lanyards:


Dye-Sublimated Lanyards or Full Color Lanyards:


Imprinted Woven Polyester Lanyards: