What is dye sublimation lanyard?

- Nov 02, 2018-

Dye sublimation lanyard is the perfect and popular product in the market.

The normal size is 90cm long. We can customize the special size according to customer requirements. Send design samples or artworks by e-mail to get customer approval before production. Choose the right PMS color that meets customer requirements.

It is preferable to provide vector images of AI or Pdf files for all logos or texts to maintain a clear definition after sublimation.

What material can be used to dye sublimation lanyard?

100% polyester knitted tightly polished material is the best choice for sublimation.

How do dye sublimation lanyard be made?

The following aspects must be strictly operated and ensure high quality products.

Select Italian ink to ensure a full range of customized image releases to achieve maximum color saturation.

Sublimation heat transfer paper for sublimation printing chooses a high quality 105 GSM thick weight. Some suppliers want to compress the cost and choose a thinner 70gsm paper, but this thinner paper is prone to wrinkling, duplication and blurring problems, especially after dark hot pressing under the heaviest ink load. These products will damage the brand reputation of customers in the market.

Next, the high-temperature roll transfer machine transfers the printed color and design patterns on the paper to the polyester fabric. Our operator adjusts the transfer speed to 20 frequencies as the standard requirement, and then completes the high quality, clear and vivid color effect of the sublimation rope. But some suppliers will adjust the speed to 30 frequency. The adjustment speed is faster, which means reducing production costs, but it is still prone to ghosting and blurring problems. What's more, the ink on the roll transfer machine and the heat transfer paper can't evaporate completely into the fabric because the adjustment is too fast. So dye sublimation lanyard should fade after washing.

Finally, according to the customized length and options, the tape is cut into strips with a hot cutting machine and sewn or riveted together with accessories.

Complete quality inspection before packing.

Where is dye sublimation lanyard used?

Dye sublimation rope can be used in schools, companies, clubs, conferences, exhibitions, sports events, trade exhibitions and other occasions. Most of our customers use dye sublimation lanyard as promotional gifts. This is a good investment, because it can increase your brand exposure.

In short, in our hanging rope factory every step is strictly controlled operation, and then provide our customers with high quality products!

We have a wide variety of accessories to meet customer requirements and at the end of the sewing it is a perfect rope hanging product.