What is the choice of our personalized lanyard?

- Nov 20, 2018-

When you get a customized lanyard, you can choose a variety of ways to make the unique functional lanyard you want. From the right color to the perfect accessories and your personal logo, make the lanyard you need simple, affordable and interesting.You can choose the right type of lanyard for you or your company.


Custom printing

Our custom printed lanyard has polyester, nylon or tubular fabrics. In addition to our most advanced printing process, you can also choose your own width and the color of the lanyard.

Choose from a variety of fonts to print your name or company name on the hanging line or upload your company logo as an attachment. Our printing process will make your logo just right.

The ordering process is as simple as possible for your custom printed lanyard!

Dye Sublimation

Using thermal printing technology, our dye sublimation lanyard makes accurate imaging easier. Your logo or text is printed on both sides of the lanyard and the exact color in the logo is used.

Choose multicolor or full color for your dyed sublime fabric. Customize your color, font style or personal logo for uploading to your unique lanyard.

Woven lanyard

Our braided lanyard is made of strong, high quality material with texture sense. In fact, it can embroider words into lanyard. The reverse color of the material is opposite to that of the text.

From personalized accessories and width to color, our knitted lanyard has many choices. You can make high quality knitted lanyard for you.

Double end lanyard

Our double ended lanyard has fabric, dyed sublime and polyester fabric, which can provide you with all the items.

These lanyard have a double clip, which is ideal for carrying badges, ID cards or items requiring multiple accessories. Our dual ended lanyard can be fully colored from both sides from edge to edge, and can be used for various customization.

Blank lanyard

Using our blank lanyard, you can customize it as needed. Choose from our numerous accessories, widths, colors and materials. We have multiple options to ensure that you get the required lanyard.

When it comes to the appropriate lanyard, it is a highly used accessory, which requires powerful, safe and reliable. Do not believe your work ID, the house key or badge to others. Carrying the necessary lanyard can help you customize it as your best choice.