What role does a wristband play

- Oct 29, 2018-

Wrist is the most active part of our body, and the chance of tendinitis is very high. Wearing Bracers is an effective way to protect it from being sprained or accelerated.

But many of the wristbands focus on the appearance design, but they can also wipe away sweat. Basketball bracers, for example, are not so important. In fact, a good protective wrist should be attached to the palm of the hand.

The role of wrist guards is, first, to provide pressure and reduce swelling; second, to restrict movement and allow the injured area to recuperate. At the same time, it is best not to interfere with the normal functioning of the hands, so if not necessary, most wrist protectors should allow finger movement, without restriction.

The dressing range includes some palm and forearm, which belong to the formal Bracers. In terms of design, some are worn on the wrist like socks, and some are designed as elastic straps that need to be wrapped around the wrist when used. The latter design is superior because both shape and pressure can meet the individual needs of users.

If the situation is more serious, the wrist needs to be further fixed, and to provide a more stable support, this built-in metal sheet wrist guard will be useful. However, because the fixed scope is larger, the price is not cheap, we can only choose under the advice of medical staff.