What size does the badge stand need?

- Oct 22, 2018-

The standard size of the work card is 85.5X54mm (the size of the work card is also the international standard of the card), a little larger than 70X100mm, and now each unit  company can customize the size of the card according to their own needs.

In design, the conventional size will be easier when making parts such as custom card covers and shells.

The normal size is 86*54 90*54 100*70 120*80 130*90 140*100 mm.

Product thickness: conventional thickness 0.76 mm, thickening 1.15 mm.

The way of wearing: hanging rope, clip and pin.

Manufacturing process: using a new high quality PVC sheet as a card base, with high temperature laminator, film press and other equipment made. Unconventional sizes are usually made only by mold or laser cutting. Therefore, the actual size should be considered when designing.