what types of basketball wristbands are there

- Nov 05, 2018-

The style of the product itself is not too complicated, but there are many kinds of technology, this article introduces the most commonly used basketball wrists to bring you as a reference, in the purchase of their own hearts to see the product probably know what technology, how much price and so on.

Concave and convex type

This type of basketball wristband is the most on-line sale, the advantage is that people feel a little tall feeling, because the product itself will not fade, the product above the pattern are used to drip glue into color, and the product itself into one, just like tattoos on the human body, and the body in one. As a matter of fact, how to wash can not be washed away. Not only does not fade, but also 3D stereoscopic, very fire type, but the price is the highest.


Type of printing

The biggest difference between this type of basketball wristband and bump is that the printed pattern is printed on the surface, and bump pattern is dripping glue into color, printing type than bump price cheaper part, because the production process is much simpler, resulting in price variations, in the market to buy back to recommend less water wash Carefully protect, so that the pattern will not fade with time.


Type of silk screen

It's cheaper than bumps, more expensive than brushes, and the difference from printed basketball wristbands is that it looks like bumps on the screen, which makes it feel taller and more solid, but slightly worse than bumps.