Who Invented the button?

- May 08, 2017-

Buttons are often accompanied by human life clothing supplies. The use of it has been more than 6,000 years of history. Early in the year 4000 ago, Iran's ancestors, Persian, have been used stones made of buttons. China's weekly generation has begun to adopt a jacket, no matter whether men and women are wearing a coat of two clothes under the skirt. In the face of a specially crafted dress official, all do the ceremony, must wear a gown. At that time, the use of clothing comparison norms, clothing system is also quite complete. The Zhou Dynasty reflected Zhou Wangchao etiquette "Zhou Li", "Book of Rites" and other books appeared "New" word, "new" is mutually knot knot, namely buckle knot. According to my collection of bronze engraved buttons in the Western Zhou Dynasty and China's archaeological discoveries, in the spring and Autumn Period, there is the use of buttons. Unearthed in the Warring States relics of the Dashizhai mountain in Jinning, Yunnan, the circular, oval, animal head and irregular shape buttons have been made from blue, apple green and pale gray turquoise. Each has a one or two small hole. Some engraved patterns, modelling chic, gorgeous colorful, with wonderful beautiful wax gloss. The collection of buttons is still useful for small stones, shellfish, animal horns and walnuts, coconut shells made of simple buttons. This shows that we are Chinese people in the Zhou Dynasty, the spring and Autumn period of the Warring States, have been used buttons. The ancient tomb unearthed in Japan, the image of the human body made on the clay wheel show, male clothing is the composition of clothing and skirts, clothing for the narrow sleeve jacket, the chest cardigan by button. It is evident that the Japanese have used buttons before the ancient tombs. 16th century, the Chinese people spread the buttons to Europe, when only men used, women less users, most people just used costumes. Some dignitaries in order to show their wealth, with precious gold and silver, pearls, gems, diamonds, rhino horn, antelope horns, ivory precious materials, refined button to use. France has a King Louis 14, with 13,000 precious buttons inlaid with a record of the King Robe. In my collection, it is useful for precious buttons made of horns, antelope horns, ivory, gold and silver precious materials.