Why Soft Rubber Material Is Suitable for Tie Buttons

- Nov 29, 2018-

If we classify the rope according to the material of the rope, we can get many different classifications, but generally we will not do so, we mostly classify the rope on the basis of the structure. For example, the simplest is the connection point structure. In the previous articles, we also said that most of the tapes now use clips as connections, so it is very convenient to wear or disassemble. But there's one more thing we need to know. That is, once the tape is a problem with the internal spring, it can basically be said that it is hopeless.

It is most suitable to use soft glue PVS material for button and tie. Now let's analyze why soft glue material is suitable for button and tie.

Soft rubber material has one of the most remarkable characteristics compared with other materials, that is, its softness. We all know that a button is actually a buttonhole and a button. If both parts are made of soft rubber, they can increase the elasticity. This will be very convenient for both fastening and disassembling in practice.

In general, the life of button belt is much longer than that of clasp belt, because PVS has better ductility than metal belt.