Geometry Pattern Polyester Lanyards

Geometry Pattern Polyester Lanyards

Brand new and High quality Lightweight, comfortable Washing

Product Details

About customization: Order 50 or more, it can customize any content and color of the geometry pattern polyester lanyards. We know the importance of badge holders in a high-quality workforce. Whatever the nature of your business, the perfect work card will reflect your professional and professional level. Our ybuw specializes in the production of high-quality badge racks, fashionable design, concise, high-quality raw materials not only eye-catching, but also very durable.



Type:Geometry Pattern Polyester Lanyards

Color: any PMS color.

Packing: single bag, 100 / polyethylene bags, or according to your requirements

Delivery time: 9-10 days (depending on the quantity of your order)

Use: daily use of exhibitions, concerts, parties, promotional gifts, ID card holders/mobile phones, etc


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