Quick Release Full Color Lanyards

Quick Release Full Color Lanyards

quick release full color lanyards durable and convenient with moulded plastic head It's very suitable for people to carry small electronic devices easily. Make your equipment safe and reliable in mobile

Product Details

  • Removable buckles: Quick release full color lanyards can be removed while still wearing larger rings. This is the ideal choice when you want (or share) access cards, keys, USB flash drives, etc. Easy to install and disassemble.

  • Multi-purpose: Applicable to trade exhibitions, sports events, background passes, newspapers, membership cards, mobile phone sets, (electronic) keys, whistles, medical information, USB flash disk, etc.

  • High-quality material: enhanced model hook. Wider and stronger than standard hooks. Swing, tough and durable. Powerful nylon tie.

  • One size for all: this neck rope is suitable for almost all people aged 3 and over. Important Note: For children or pets, Quick release full color lanyards or neckless may lead to strangulation risk, so be careful.



Type: Quick Release Full Color Lanyards

Color: any PMS color.

Packing: single bag, 100 / polyethylene bags, or according to your requirements.

Delivery time: 9-10 days (depending on the quantity of your order).

Use: daily use of exhibitions, concerts, parties, promotional gifts, ID card holders/mobile phones, etc.


The setting price does not include insertion cards. If you want to insert the card, you will be charged extra fee.


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