Bulldog Clip Polyester Lanyards

Bulldog Clip Polyester Lanyards

Durable polyester lanyard/neckband, Lightweight, comfortable and soft Easy to install and disassemble things with lanyard ports/holes 5-colour combination to provide more choices

Product Details

  • ID badge, ID card/badge holder, applicable to teachers, students, doctors, office staff

  • Bulldog clip polyester lanyards is made of light and tough silk fabrics. It has a beautiful broadband, the softest and softest fabric. Take care to make sure it looks beautiful, wears well and avoids neck irritation, even on bare skin.

  • Durable bulldog clip polyester lanyards/neckband revolving metal elliptical buckles for mobile phones, cameras, USB flash drives, keys, key chains, ID tags, video games and other portable items

  • Easy to disassemble and assemble: neat packaging, no longer tangled lanyard; bulldog clip polyester lanyards with detachable buckle, light weight, easy to disassemble, and can connect the buckle ring

  • Application: Our separate lanyard is very suitable for holding trade exhibitions, sports events, backstage passes, press conferences, membership cards, etc.



Bulldog Clip Polyester Lanyards


Standard length: 36”(920mm), lanyard width: 5/8”(15mm).


Any PMS(pantone) color


Normally 50pcs in one poly bag. also available with extra.

Delivery time

Usually 12-14 days (depending on your order quantity)


By international express (UPS, Fedex, TNT) or following your request

Payment method

PayPal, Western Union, Credit card and T/T


The set price does not include insert card. If you want insert card, extra will be charged.