A Silicone Wristbands That Can Be Forgotten.

- Oct 30, 2018-

"Oh, why do I forget what I want to buy?"

I'm sure many people have come across this situation when we rush back from a grocery store or supermarket and suddenly realize that we forgot to buy something important and had to buy it again.

Or maybe we just come up with a good idea or the key details of something at work and forget it as soon as we turn around. Inspiration is fleeting. We can only recognize that it flows away.

It is said that the memory of fish is only three seconds. In fact, people sometimes do the same. In our life, we often forget things and disrupt our plans. It can be remembered in a cell phone memo or pad while traveling, but it still takes time to forget.

Do we have to use future technology to implant memories?

That's not necessary. Today's edition brings you a wrist silicone tape, a new memo. Do you need it?

A writing wristband, a cool memorandum.

The handwriting silicon adhesive tape is designed by Kenma, a Japanese design company. They plan to solve these problems and design a memorandum of silicone which can be attached to the wrist. This wristband is inspired by the habit of recording nurses' work from time to time.

Writable wrist silicone tape, which can be gently erased with a finger or rubber. And even if the wristband is wet, the content of the record will not be affected, more convenient for users to wash their hands or work underwater. Of course, this wrist-writing silicone tape can be used not only in the medical field, but also in manufacturing, construction, law, disaster scene staff. And, in our lives, for some of the elderly or Alzheimer's patients, this is simply a handy artifact.

Forget what to do?

Inspiration suddenly appeared but never remembered?

Cool equipment, super power, writable wrist silicone tape, always keep your thoughts in mind, so that you can no longer remember more than three seconds.