Choose The Right Hanging Rope For Your Meeting

- Dec 15, 2018-

Customized printing lanyard

Customized hanging ropes help inspire company pride and ensure that there are no unwelcome visitors in your activities. Use state-of-the-art printing technology to print your company name and logo screen directly on the tether. As an alternative, dye sublimation tethers provide accurate imaging. These durable hanging ropes can be printed from edge to edge. There is no limit on the color you can print.

Choosing the appropriate lanyard material

Polyester hangers are popular because they are durable canvas for various forms of customization. For example, a double-layer tie is customized printed on a ribbon and then covered with a polyester tie. The braided hanging rope is also made of polyester. However, they have a textural feel, especially after you sew text or logos into the material. On the other hand, nylon hanging rope provides perfect canvas for screen printing.

Lanyard release

Place or remove the standard hanging rope by placing it on the head. Lanyard publishing allows different options to increase security and convenience. For example, the safety release device is located at the back of the neck and will release automatically if any pressure is applied on the tether. This is especially important if the children are wearing a rope, but it can be used in any case where there is a safety problem around the neck of everyone in the meeting. You can also use a buckle to release the tie so that the tie can be easily clipped in place or loosened by reaching the back of the neck without having to put the whole tie on the head.