Choose The Right Lanyard For Your Employees

- Dec 17, 2018-

Choosing the right lanyard for your employees not only ensures that they meet your expectations for work clothes, but also makes them feel appreciated. By considering the type and design of the lanyard, this cheap and practical product can meet your needs to improve job satisfaction.

Need help in choosing the right lanyard for employees? We can help!



The first thing you want to think about is the lanyard you are using. Do you use them to clearly display employee ID cards? Do they offer welcome packages for new employees? Or will they be used for the convenience of storing and placing keys? Whether you plan to use a lanyard, this is a crucial first step, because every decision about materials, artworks and accessories will be based on practical tools.

Once you know how to use a lanyard, you should know what kind of lanyard is best for your needs.


There are many different styles of lanyard. Some have fast release fragments, others don't. You can also use a safety release buckle behind your back to open the lanyard. When deciding which style is best for you, you need to consider two things: 1. How do your employees use the lanyard every day? What kind of environment do they work in?

If your employees connect keys or other items to their lanyard, they will need to use them within a foot of their chest, then using a quick release clip may be very helpful. However, if you want to attach an item to a tie that is not often used but requires additional security, you may not be able to use a quick release clip.

You also need to consider the environment and employee safety. Is your employee close to or near a machine that might trap and eat a lanyard? If so, safe release on the back of the lanyard is essential. This will ensure the safety of your employees and prevent accidental injuries.

Material Science

Now you want to consider the material. You can choose different materials, each material has its own appearance and feeling. Although polyester and nylon are the most commonly purchased materials, we also provide pipes (silk and cotton), knitting, dye sublimation and ribbon lanyard. Whatever material you choose, all of our materials are highly elastic and can be machine washed or dried.

Printed art and logo

Different materials provide different aesthetic choices according to the artwork or text you want on the lanyard.

Knitted lanyard allows customers to "stitch" text or logo on the lanyard. Give the work embroidery appearance.

Dye sublimation is a full-color dye that allows us to match any color you can imagine. This gives you a lot of freedom to add photos, logos or text, because you have unlimited color options.

Pipeline lanyard is the thinnest of all our lanyard. It can print text and logo directly.

Polyester also uses the state of the artwork printer to customize text and logo, but if you want to print multiple colors, we recommend using this option. They are also wider than tubular slings, providing you with more space for words and works of art.

Our team of experts can help you customize the works of art on the lanyard to match the look and feel you need.


The last step in choosing the right lanyard for you is to choose your accessories. Depending on the intended use, many different accessories can be placed on the lanyard: key rings, J-hooks, lobster claws, Bulldog (ID) clips, etc. Best of all, you can mix and match accessories, so if you need a keyring and an ID clip, you can get both.

The most important thing to consider when choosing an attachment is that you intend to attach it to it. If you want to attach an ID or any specific ID, it's better to let us know the exact size of your items so that we can ensure that you get the correct attachment.