Custom Lanyards Into Fashion Circles

- Sep 30, 2018-

   When simple lanyard were sold as luxuries, the irony was that most office workers couldn't afford them. 

  As a result, the luxury goods manufacturers are also making price adjustments, Balenciaga fashionable custom lanyard prices back to 195 pounds. The same cotton, 175 pounds. Virgil Abloh's Off-White has mined this style before - it costs 305 and sells well. 

  It seems that street brands Supreme and Palace have launched their own products. As you can see, fashion is yielding. Yes, lanyard is practical. But this trend is also good for luxury brands, and accessories still bring in their income. 

  fashionable custom lanyard - like socks and bumbags - provides a brand new theme for designers.They offer scope for multiple logos to promote the brand, too. I believe they will soon be seen in fashion media and fashion shows.