Design Of Silicone Wrist Strap Specification

- May 08, 2017-

Wrist Strap Logo form can be varied: convex word, concave word, silk screen, sunken fill, convex word printing and so on. Color Variety: solid color, segmented color, spiral color, luminous, temperature (temperature change), photosensitive (light change), UV hand ring.

Application of silicone wrist strap

Widely used in various social activities, such as promotional gifts, hotel opening, star concert, advertising company planning, charitable activities, tourist attractions, such as activities of various types of large-scale celebrations. Can be made into silicone wrist strap, u disk wrist strap, USB wrist strap, transparent fluorescent silicone wrist strap, concave-word filling wrist strap, printed silicone wrist strap, silica gel strap, with table, such as silicone wrist strap.