How To Identify Nylon Lanyards And Polyester Lanyards

- Nov 09, 2017-

When custom lanyards, you can choose different fabrics thread to make it, like screen imprinted polyester and nylon material.

Polyester material is an important variety of synthetic fibers, is the trade name of China's polyester fiber. It has excellent formability feature, it still can endure after use by multiple washing. The scientific name of Nylon is polyamide fiber. The most prominent advantages of polyamide fiber is the wear resistance superior to other fibers, followed by its good elasticity. So what are the differences between them?

The easiest way to distinguish between nylon and polyester material is to burn: Polyester lanyard is easy to ignite with melting the side edges of black smoke and emitting aroma, burning dark brown ashes with finger smashed residue burning can easily be pinched. About the touch feeling aspect: Polyester feel relatively rough, polyester lanyard with the fingers scraping obvious traces.

Nylon lanyard squeeze in the vicinity of the flame quickly melted into a white gelatinous, burning with white smoke dripping in the burning flame melting and bubbling with emitting unpleasant taste, it difficult to burn after leaving the flame and its ash is difficult to crush. Nylon lanyard feels relatively smooth when touching, with no trace of the finger scratch.