How Wristbands Help You Rise In The New Year

- Dec 25, 2018-

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are time for many people to celebrate. Places, facilities and crowds hold parties and activities in the New Year. New Year's Eve wristbands offer many benefits to ensure that your activities are safe and secure; from crowd control to visual recognition of different types of guests. We'll discuss how wristbands can help you with your New Year's activities and which ones will work best.

How do wristbands help you with New Year's Eve activities?

New Year's Eve wristbands are essential tools for organizing such activities because they not only help with access control, but also help identify and categorize different types of guests and improve processes. According to an internal PDC survey of bar and club managers, 41% of people use wristbands to identify holiday activities such as New Year's Eve.

In addition, when asked about the identity and management of guests, their key initiatives and areas of focus in 2017 are to improve the flow of their facilities, access control, and promote their venues and VIP retention.

Wristbands can provide all these top initiatives for any activity, including New Year's Day. Since alcohol is traditionally provided at most New Year's Eve events, wristbands are a simple, efficient and cost-effective way to verify the age of guests, so you can ensure that only those who meet the legal age can enjoy alcohol. After verifying the age of the guest, passing the wristband at the entrance of your venue will help speed up the drinking line, because staff can easily check whether the guest wears a wristband of "over 21", so they don't need to check the identity card of the guest every time they want to buy a drink. New Year's Eve wristbands also prevent parties from breaking into your venue. Staff can quickly scan the room and visually identify authorized guests and closely monitor their attendance.

What kind of wristband should you use on New Year's Eve?

There are many different styles of wristbands for New Year's Eve activities and parties, ranging from lightweight Tevejan to high-security plastic and vinyl wristbands. Tyvek wristband is economical and affordable. It is an excellent choice for holding one-day activities such as New Year's Eve party. PDC Tyvek wristband uses a variety of solid bright colors and unique pre-printed design, designed with a strong adhesive seal, which will tear if tampered with. This helps to control the admission and drinking of minors in the venue, as guests cannot transfer their bands or give them away to others inside and outside the event. Popular party-friendly wristband designs include VIP Star, Over 21 Swirls and designated drivers. There are many different colors to choose from, and wristband designs or colors can be easily switched according to different types of guests.

PDC plastic wristband is the ideal solution for New Year's Eve wristbands that you need to be strong and safe. Our plastic wristbands are made of waterproof and comfortable materials, providing a variety of solid and pre-printed designs. Interesting pre-print designs, such as our Please Drink Responsibly and VIP wristbands, are sure to be welcomed by guests. Our holographic wristband can make any New Year's Eve party stand out with its striking metal and flash patterns, and our dark glowing vinyl wristband will certainly light up the night and is very suitable for visually identifying low-angle guests. Lighting venues.

When should I order New Year's Eve wristbands?

Wristbands are an important detail of any New Year's Eve Party - but they are usually one of the last items on the party planner's to-do list. Some wristbands are shipped faster than others, so be sure to plan and check the lead and delivery time in advance to ensure that the wristbands arrive in time. If you don't finish the task on time, customizing your own unique wristband can bring several advantages, such as showcasing and promoting your own design, logo and brand specific to specific activities. Not sure how to design a custom wristband? Read our article for tips on customizing your wristband for your next activity.